Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Samsung Hero 3G 3213

Samsung is aggressively following new policies to capture growing market of India in mobile phone category ranging from smartphones, multimedia to GSM and CDMA phones. Latest in the offering is samsung hero 3g successor of Samsung Galaxy Hero B319. Availability of Internet services with portfolio of application for downloads at the speed of 3.6 Mbps for such a nominal cost is simply unbelievable. You can closely associate Samsung Hero E3213 with smartphones because of its ability to network you with multiple social networking sites and at same time giving you several IM services, to store and share data and information from your close associates. Most attractive feature of E3213 is availability of front and rear camera. You can use former for video calling, with the latter being 0.3MP VGA one.

Samsung E3213 is sturdy cell phone with well organized keypad for dialing and text messaging. It?s HSDPA enabled giving you 3G connectivity with Internet including multiple web apps for downloads. The keypad is ergonomically arranged for tactile comfort and usage. Design is sleek with silverish lining along the border that pleases your eyes. Another breakthrough that Samsung has achieved with this low cost mobile is the feature of DNSe. With finer sound acoustics you will find this feature only in well established precedents including Samsung Corby and Corby II. Now playing games, your favourite audio and video files and partying with close associates would be a fun. It gives you large storehouse for these files with a support for microSD card upto 8GB externally. You?ll be always glued to your E3213 whether you?re tweeting or scrolling through news updates with multiple social networking applications. A mobile tracker is available to give feedbacks upon location of your mobile when there is any tampering with your sim card. Speed of 3.6Mbps with 2 inch QVGA TFT adds to the style quotient of Samsung E3213.

New feature of DNSe with high quality sound output can be seen in few mobiles. It adds to the rich quality of sound output given by E3213 and other previous versions.

Sophisticated features made user friendly at such a low cost brings this cell phone into a category of smartphones with the price range where brands claiming such features are very few.

2 Inch QVGA TFT display with only 262K colors makes the screen less appealing for web apps and SNS.
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Samsung Google Nexus S i9023

Samsung has taken a gigantic step by collaborating with the world's largest web search engine, Google. The collaboration of both had given birth to a new android device called Samsung Google Nexus S. This mobile is in news for all the right and some excellent reasons.

The Samsung Nexus S accommodates a huge 4-inch AMOLED display that is touchscreen with capacitive abilities and provides a premium viewing experience because the luminance of the screen is 1.5 times stronger than the standard LCD phones. Apart from the high resolution screen, what enhances the phone's value is the latest version of android operating system i.e. v2.3 on which the mobile runs. Gingerbread is the fastest version of android and has been pr-installed in the Samsung Google Nexus S so t5hat the user gets the best and the fastest without any hassles. This amazing combination of the latest hardware and the fastest software has certainly added the feather into the mobile's hat. The ginger bread also allows making internet calls.

To facilitate chaos free multi tasking, 1 GHz hummingbird processor along with 16 GB memory is added in the phone. However, 16 GB memory is not too commendable as there are other Samsung mobile phones with more memory than 16 GB, but the combination with the hummingbird processor makes it much better than commendable. The phone works as a Wi-Fi hot spot able to cater up to six portable devices like laptops, netbooks etc which makes it the best device to facilitate internet access to not just your own device but all your friends. The NFC technology has been integrated in the device to let the user read NFC tags.

The phone with all the excellent version of software installed in the phone possesses some latest Google mobile applications which are in trend and demand by all the tech-savvies. Android market to let you buy all that you wish to, 3D navigation so that you never lose your way no matter which part of world are you in, voice actions so that your applications get opened on your vocal instructions and a lot more applications are added in the phone to extract out the worth of the Samsung Google Nexus S price . If these things fail to please you, a 5 Mp camera is studded on the rear of the phone to drag out the value of the money invested in the mobile phone.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 3

Samsung mobiles are the hottest handsets offered inn the market these days. These mobiles are quite famous in the mobile for their styling and improved functionality. This is probably the reason why the Samsung is highly encouraged to introduced stunning mobiles one after the other.

Recent series of mobiles which has driven the market crazy is Samsung Galaxy series. Samsung galaxy series has the new entrant as Samsung Galaxy 3. Simply a stunner to look at, this mobile phone has grabbed all the praise and attention of mobile lovers. Samsung mobile price list has gained a favorable choice for low budget mobile seekers. The launch of Samsung galaxy edition has been a wonderful surprise of mobile lovers.

The Samsung galaxy 3 price is the most important aspect of this mobile phone model. Samsung Galaxy 3 is imbibes a line of rejuvenating features that will make your mobile using experience complete a new one. This mobile phone works on Android technology and has touch screen functionality. It also boasts of elegant looks and great performance that perfectly complements its metallic hinge at the front. The phone has a strong chassis which is why it looks quite sturdy as well as fabulous. The best part about its touch screen functionality that is extremely sensitive on slightest of touch.

This mobile is also pre-loaded with a number of multimedia features that gives access to famous social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo Messenger. All these websites keep you connected with all your friends, family and relatives. Further, this mobile phone comes integrated with HTC wildfire that is set available with 3.2 inch display and a widescreen aspect ratio. This in turn results in clear and better looking text on the display. You can also take advantage of quick and clear video and picture shooting with its 240 x 400 resolution camera.

This Samsung galaxy 3 is also set preinstalled with Think free office that facilitates to create, present and edit spreadsheets, word documents and PowerPoint presentations. You will be having enough of space to store your data in its 130 MB internal memory. Last but not the least is its fabulous music player and a video player along with audio and video recording.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Samsung S3653 Corby Mobile Phone

Samsung S3650 Corby, a specially designed phone by the company is exclusively meant for the today?s young and tech-savvy mobile users. This entry level touch screen phone is budget friendly but at the same time incorporates bold style and relevant features custom made for the target group.
Samsung S3653 Corby
The Samsung Corby impresses with its pop-style colors and curved edge design. The plastic glossy body of the Corby is lightweight and slim. The 2.8 inch capacitive touch screen occupies the middle of the phone. However, the most innovative design theme is the Fashion Jackets, a selection of colored yellow, white, orange and pink back covers for the phone. Each Samsung Corby also comes with two additional back covers, a unique pattern design cover and a standard black cover inside the package. These interchangeable back covers will soon be a hot stuff for a youngster?s style statement.

Key features
As the phone targets youth, its highlight is style and social networking. The best social networking service combined with crisp multimedia features makes it the most suitable phone for the young. This focus on design also covers the Cartoon UI, a highly stylized graphical menu and wallpaper that adapts according to handset functionality. It comes with a smart preloaded web browser. The Samsung S3650 Corby gives direct access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter integration, while photo and video sharing are made easy with direct uploads to YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Photobucket. Updating the status in networki ng site is very instant with pop-up SNS notification feature. One Finger Zoom and Smart Unlock are other smart features of this handset.

Smart multimedia features are incorporated through a good mp3 player, an FM radio, a Video player and a 2MP camera with Smile Shot feature. Corby?s 2.8-inch QVGA screen delivers a quality online video experience. The Bluetooth transfers data on-the-spot for the high-speed generation.

Corby hits the nail at the right place. Touch for every lifestyle is the strategy behind this phone, which has brought a complete fresh makeover to touchscreen phone. The new Touch-Wiz enabled touchscreen is a breeze to use. On the whole, the design, functionality and easy affordability of the phone have a strong appeal to the target group, who are stylish, highly connected and spirited. It will hardly face a competition because of its unique concept of design and specific target.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Samsung Corby TV mobile phone

The new Samsung Corby TV is a CDMA mobile Phone featuring a MimobiTV Mobile TV to watch Live TV or recorded content of more than 40 channels. It comes integrated with all popular social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. With the help of its unique Music recognition service you can browse the web for searching for your favorite songs. For ensuring the full proof safety of this device, an advanced mobile tracker application has been provided.

samsung corby tv mobile phone
Samsung Corby TV Features:

Key Features: CDMA 1X and EVDO 3G
Display: 2.8inch Size and QVGA Screen
Standard Battery: 3hrs 20 min
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Memory: 8GB Expandable Memory
Camera Features: 2.0 MP
Connectivity Options: GPRS
Multimedia: MP3
Ringtone Type: MP3 ringtones
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Samsung Champ C3303

Samsung C3303 Champ features : TFT resistive touchscreen, 1.3 Mega Pixels camera, Music Player, Bluetooth, FM.


Design Bar
Input Type Touchscreen


Display 2.4-inch touchscreen
Number of Colours 256K
Display Resolution 240 x 320

Standard Battery Features

Talk Time with Standard Battery (hrs) 12 hrs
Standby Time with Standard Battery (Hours) 666 hrs


Phonebook Yes, 1000
Inbuilt Memory (MB/KB) 30 MB
Extendable Memory Type microSD
Maximum Extendable Memory (GB) 8

Camera Features

Mega Pixel 1.3
Video Recorder Yes, QCIF@15fps
Other Features 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels
Mega Pixel Range Less Than 2.0

Connectivity Options

Bluetooth Yes


Music Player Yes
Music Format MP3/WMA/eAAC+
A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth) Yes
FM Radio Yes
Games Yes


Dual Band


Colour Options: Deep black, Espresso brown, Sweet pink, Chic white (depends on availability)
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Samsung Corby TXT B3210

Neat Upgrade
Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT is a neat up gradation of the original Corby. It will cater to the needs of heavy texters on a very tight budget. With the up gradation whatsoever it still retains the signature colorful and youthful appearance.

Improved Design
Samsung Corby TXT B3210 gives the text freaks a no-nonsense functional design. 2.2 inches in diagonal is also smallish but on the positive side it gives the CorbyTXT a compact body. Indeed the handset is really easy to squeeze in your pocket. For a bar full QWERTY handset, the Samsung B3210 CorbyTXT fares well. The keyboard is very comfortable for typing. Undoubtedly the coolest value added feature of this stylish corby is the interchangeable back covers that provide a quick and easy way of customizing the handset's looks. Of course this feature is present on all the devices from the Corby family but it's the most important for the CorbyTXT as it gives the otherwise basic handset some character.

Key Features
Samsung comes to the rescue of message freaks releasing another no-nonsense handset that takes care of messaging very smoothly without any extra cost. The feature galore has no surprise other than some brilliant basics. It features quad band GPRS/EDGE connectivity with Bluetooth. The best social networking service combined with crisp multimedia features makes it the most suitable phone for the young. It comes with a smart preloaded web browser. The Samsung S3650 Corby gives direct access to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. One Finger Zoom and Smart Unlock are other smart features of this handset that may appeal to you.

This focus on design also covers the Cartoon UI, a highly stylized graphical menu and wallpaper that adapts according to handset functionality. Smart multimedia features are incorporated through a good mp3 player, an FM radio, a Video player and a 2MP camera with Smile Shot feature.

If you are not looking for heavy duty Smartphone features and you like to be stylish without spending much, then just go ahead and grab yourself a shiny new B3210 CorbyTXT. The performance is surely not going to disappoint you.
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